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Tired old carpets covering your boards? Solid or engineered wood floor seen better days? Can't decide what to do next?

Why not reclaim your floor as an integral part of your living areas!

Norton Floor Refinishing can bring life to your wooden floors with our repair, prepare, sand and finish service. Using only the best professional equipment and products you can be assured of a highly professional result that will be striking and durable.

milton keynes floor sanding preparation
milton keynes floor sanding
milton keynes floor sanding finshed floor

Damaged boards can be replaced using reclaimed original boards. All nails and staples are recessed before sanding. Gaps between boards over 3mm can be filled using pine slivers which are glued in place and left slightly raised ready for the sanding process.

Once the preparations are complete, the sanding process can begin. Using professional 95% dust free Bona sanding machines, I work through the grades of sanding belts and discs to achieve an even, clean and smooth surface ready for your choice of finish.

Depending on the colour of your boards and your preferences, there are numerous finishes to choose from. Whether you like to colour your boards or keep them natural and use oil or lacquer to protect them and ensure a beautiful and lasting finish, the choice is yours.

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